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Two Big Jerks Jerky

Two Big Jerks Jerky started with our children's love for beef jerky.  Like many parents we wanted our kids to enjoy a healthy snack, but we were disappointed with the quality of the mass produced commercial beef jerky being sold in stores.  This sent us down the path of experimenting with different ingredients to produce healthier and tastier jerky.  The ongoing quest to find delicious options has led us to our stable of flavors, we couldn't decide on our favorite 2 or 3 so we decided to provide everyones favorites.  Soon after, friends started asking for more, friends of friends wanted some, then people we didn't even know were searching for good jerky, so here we are offering our family favorites for many to enjoy.

We set up at local area Farmers Markets and fairs, but figured in the age of the internet we should expand to make our beef jerky available to anyone that was looking for something to munch on.  Our customers include everyone from athletes looking for a shot of protein to moms trying to make sure the little ones are able to munch on something more beneficial than candy.  That's it, that's us, no big corporation, no big fancy ad campaigns, just good jerky from us to you.

We have had many requests from our friends and customers that like to live on the "wild" side for some more adventurous options.  To this end we are now offering over 20 different jerky strips and sticks made from almost every animal imaginable.

Dana and Mike,

The Two Big Jerks

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