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Suggested Beer Pairings

Enjoying a great beer can be massively enhanced by pairing that beer with just the right flavor of our gourmet jerky.  Different tastes can compliment each other to make the whole experience more fun and much more enjoyable.  Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started, but experiment on your own and find your own favorite combinations, let us know know what you come up with and we'll put it up on this page for other people to try.


Hot and Spicy XXX

Some Like it Hot


Long Ireland Pale Ale


Sailor Mouth by Moustache Brewery


Massive IPA by Great South Bay Brewery

Big Jerk BBQ

Long Ireland Breakfast Stout

Spider Bite - Boris the Spider Russian Imperial Stout


Greenport Harbor Brewing- 

Tidal Lager

Field 5 Golden IPA by Great South Bay Brewery

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