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Jerky 101

Jerky was a form of meat preservation that was originally created to prevent freshly hunted meat from spoiling over long periods of time. The name jerky actually comes from a South American native tribe name for the process to dates back to the Inca empire. The original creators of jerky were preserving meat using a recipe called ch’arki as early as 1550. The original name for Jerky actually means literally to burn meat and the process was first used on alpaca and llama meat.

While the first processes for creating jerky involved cutting pieces of meat, pounding it into thin strips, coating it  in salt, drying it in the sunlight or smoking it over a fire the process has refined itself dramatically by some of the world’s greatest jerky manufacturers.

As well as having ancient origins in South America Jerky was one of the staple high-protein snacks for the pioneers and cowboys. North American Cree Indians were also responsible for creating a jerky like snack from a mixture of proteins and fats from elk, deer and buffalo. Throughout the early days of America and beyond Jerky was a reliable way to preserve meat and store it easily for travel as well as a healthy way to prepare meat.


Although many people think that Jerky might be junk food, Beef Jerky and Jerky in general is actually quite a healthy snack. Jerky has a massive amount of proteins, minimal carbohydrates and it’s low in calories and fat. It also doesn’t really produce much of a mess and its perfect for traveling for school, for camping and for work.

*Nutritional Information for Two Big Jerks Jerky          Mike's Black flavor beef jerky.

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